6 Misconceptions that are Just More Reasons to Elope

It’s dreamy isn’t it? The idea of being whisked away to a gorgeous location or even the local courthouse. Marrying the love of your life in an intimate, private setting. Creating a memory that only you two will share for the rest of time. 

There’s a popular belief that eloping means you get married with no guests, that it has to be within a short amount of time after being engaged, and that it has to be either in a courthouse or at some exotic destination… But I want to give you a peek into what eloping has evolved into as of late, and why it might be the perfect option for you and your sweetheart!

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#1 – You Can Still Invite People to Your Elopement

Eloping may have traditionally involved no one but the couple, but that’s just not how it is anymore. Of course, if your dream is to be married privately with your partner, do it! But if not being able to invite anyone is what’s holding you back from eloping, don’t let it. 

Nowadays, any ceremony with 20 people or less is pretty much considered an elopement! 20-50 guests is called a “microwedding”, and anything more than that is just a plain ole’ wedding. So, if your dream is to be wed to your true love in the presence of just a handful of your closest family and friends, you’re dreaming of an elopement – and that’s so special!

“It’s easy to get caught up thinking your wedding has to fit a certain mold. IT DOESN’T. As long, as you sign a marriage license, it can be however you dream it!”

#2 – You Can Elope Anywhere You Want

Sure, back in the day, eloping meant either hiking down to the courthouse or running away to some far off locale without telling a soul. But these days, you have so many more options! An elopement is purely classified on the number of people in attendance, not the location. Elope in your living room, at your favorite restaurant, at your grandpa’s farm, somewhere in the woods, or at the beach! Who cares! 

My advice for choosing the right location for your elopement is to pick somewhere that feels like magic. Whether that’s a family-owned property, the top of one of Arkansas’ gorgeous mountains, or in your town’s courthouse is up to you. I’m always happy to give some guidance on great places to elope in the Natural State, so just give me a shout!

#3 – You Can Elope Whenever You Want!

No, not if you don’t want to. Many brides choose elopements because they take less time to plan, which means they can be married in just weeks after getting engaged. But, that’s not always the case! Other brides choose an elopement just because it feels right to them, and they still have a more standard length of engagement. Being engaged is such a fun and sweet time in your life, and you can choose to elope without cutting that short! Just do what feels right to you.

#4 – People Won’t Be Upset With You

Something a lot of brides worry about is whether or not their extended family and the friends outside their inner circle will be upset with them for not having a wedding! My advice? Your wedding day is about you, not the people on (or left off of) your guest list! Most brides who choose to elope send out Announcements in the place of save-the-dates to let everyone know in advance that they plan to elope privately. Then, they will have either an engagement party or a couple’s shower that they invite all the extended family/friends to!

Here are some creative ideas on how to include loved ones in your elopement >>

#5 – You Can Still Have a Reception

What about it? Make it anything you want! One of the funnest parts about elopements is that there really aren’t that many rules. You can throw tradition to the wind, and simply do things your way. Reception is just a word we use in the wedding world for a “party”. Would you like to have a party the same day as your elopement? Plan it! Want to wait until after you’re back from your honeymoon? Do it! Don’t want to have a reception at all? Don’t! It’s up to you, bride! 

#6 – You Can Include Traditions


Like I was saying, it’s completely up to you and how you want your day to flow. If sharing a special first day is something you want to do, let’s do it! We can play music whether it’s just the two of you guys or a whole room full of people. You can still have a fancy dessert or cake to celebrate but you could eat it watching the sunset on an overlook of the Buffalo River. It is truly up to you and what memories you want to make.

“An elopement is no less of a wedding day because you decided to make it intimate. It’s still your magical wedding day so make as many memories as you can!”

Imagine this – you, your partner, 20 or less of the people closest to you, in your favorite and most magical place, with no stress about worrying if your guests are having a good time, and no pressure to follow any type of rigid itinerary – just to enjoy day, take some beautiful and lasting pictures, and soak up every moment of getting married to your soulmate. If that gave you goosebumps or had you breathing a sigh of relief, you should probably consider eloping! 


Maybe you’re still a little unsure eloping is right for you. Take my quick quiz to see if a traditional wedding or elopement best fits your personality and values.