How to include loved ones in your elopement

One of the biggest misconceptions is that no one else can be involved.


You can invite close family and friends to your elopement.

We don’t have to go on a strenuous hike. We can go to a drive-up overlook where friends and family can join us. Let’s talk about how to include loved ones in your elopement.

There’s also the possibility of cutting your day into two parts: One block of time for just you two, the block of time to meet up with friends and family to celebrate.

It’s all decided by what is important to you. Want to have an intimate elopement day but scared friends & family would be devasted?

There are still ways to include them so that they feel involved in your big day. You don’t want to make thanksgiving awkward.

How to Include Loved Ones in Your Elopement
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Take them shopping for wedding attire

Involve them in picking out your dress or tux.

Have an engagement party

This will give an opportunity to celebrate the marriage with you.

Have a send-off dinner.

The night before your elopement have an intimate dinner with close friends and family.

“It’s easy to get caught up thinking your wedding has to fit a certain mold. IT DOESN’T. As long, as you sign a marriage license, it can be however you dream it!”

Get ready with them.

Just because they don’t go with us, doesn’t mean they can’t do preceremony events like first look with dat or having your mom help get ready.

Video Chat or Live Stream

You can stream during your day so they’re included in specific moments.

Prep Time

Maybe you’re getting your nails done or going to the spa a day before. Include them.

Post Elopement Celebration

Just because you elope doesn’t mean you can’t also have a reception or a casual get together afterwards.

Why Your Photographer Matters

Hiring a photographer who can help you navigate these situations is important and helps remove some of the stress that comes with wedding planning.

Knowing your options is half the battle. Once you bust this myth, it’s simply about creating a day that reflects you guys as a couple.

Learn more about what eloping is here.

“Your wedding day is up to you! Don’t let other’s guilt you into something you don’t want.”

Imagine this – The night before your wedding, you and your partner, have a wonderful formal dinner with 10 or fewer of the people closest to you. You share toast and fond memories everyone has made. That next morning, you guys wake up and just the two of you go to your favorite and most magical place, with no stress about worrying if your guests are having a good time, and no pressure to follow any type of rigid itinerary – just to enjoy day. 

You share very raw and intimate vows with each other as you take the step to become spouses. No distractions. No stress. Just you two. Then take some beautiful and lasting pictures, and soak up every moment of getting married to your soulmate. If that gave you goosebumps or had you breathing a sigh of relief, you should probably consider eloping!